Follow trends, or don't. Keep up with the fashion pack, cape your coat, roll up your jeans, and throw an expensive arm party. Do the opposite. Wear something from last season, wear something that only you understand, wear something that you dream of. Be chic. Be cray. Be free. 

What is fashion anyway? Who loves it more? Does it really matter?

Maybe we'll all have our day. Monday you're a nerd, skinny, comb-less, an outsider. Tuesday everyone's flocking to Willyburg, those beefy barbwired MMAs, also. C'mon, you gotta laugh! I mean, $700 Birkenstocks tho. 

See, there's that smile. Because you know you love it. Because what's not to love. 

I was wearing: Aritzia knit, Michael Kors watch, Barneys tote

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