This weekend my sweet boy turned two. It's hard to believe but not at the same time. His infant videos on my phone make me emotional and nostalgic, but the coffee dates we are able to have now, just the two of us, are pretty amazing. It's still surreal! Surreal to have your own eyes looking back at you. Surreal to let your own heart walk around in the world. Yet so comforting to know that you are a part of someone who will see and do things that you can only daydream of. 

I was wearing: American Apparel t-shirt, Zara skort, Michael Kors watch, Club Monaco necklace


  1. Adorable lovely post!

  2. Awww, so cute, and love your zara skort, makes your legs look gorgeous! By the way, you must check out my newest outfit featuring a navy MAISON MICHEL hat, CÉLINE shirt, GIVENCHY blazer, ACNE clutch and shoes, and very very flowy Zara trousers that masquarades as a dress.

    xx The Provoker